Is there a specific group of Adjectives that are used in Dungeons and Dragons to describe spells that get progressively better?

I know in Dungeons and Dragons there are a vast amount of Adjectives that describe spells that are documented (Minor, Major, Lesser, Greater) where specific words denote progressively better effects, but I’m having an issue finding a specific list of those adjectives. Does a list exist, or if a specific list doesn’t exist, is there a common link between spells and their adjectives / effectiveness?

I’m aware that the adjectives themselves originated in 2E, but the tradition seems to be carried to further editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and if there was some common link between the power of a spell and the adjective used to describe it, I’d very much like to know, as I think it would be useful to Dungeon Masters as a writing tool when designing their own spells and effects.