Is this a good grammar LL (1)?

Please take this question with a grain of salt. I was trying to write a very simple layout engine and I wanted to formally create a grammar to parse the entries. I stayed awake all night looking for LL (k) parsers, mostly articles from different colleges. They tend to use the same examples and I have never been a supporter of abstraction by scoring. I am almost certain that the syntax is incorrect.

The entry is very trivial:

header> lines> h-line> a | b

main> rows> m-row> qs | d
qs> qs-row> qa | that

footer> rows> row-f> a | b

And here is the definition of grammar:

S -> aBC
B -> op
C -> a


S: [a]
B: [>, |, /]
C: [a]

To follow:

S: $
C: $
B: C | S