Is Windows ideal for launching a website?

I'm trying to find a web host who accepts adult content and who supports WordPress. I always hear that cpanel is the norm but I do not have linux.

I have a lot to learn about it and I am a digital marketing student. I hope to design websites. That being said, I have a few questions.

1. Is there a simpler way to find accommodation that meets my needs? Maybe a directory of some kind.

2. Is it convenient or wise to host your own site or sites on a reseller plan?

3. Can you launch a site or is it wise to launch a site without having Linux and instead on Windows OS?

4. Is there industry standard software that I should buy, such as a Windows or other control panel, that will make things easier?

I am not a very technology savvy person, but I am careful not to pay for accommodation that is not what I need. Any help would be great because it is not easy to find reliable information. Thank you!