java – (Android Studio) Error while running TapTargetSequence


I'm trying to do TapTargetSequence in Android Studio however this does not work and has an error.
In theory, it was running in the cardView2 and later on cardView3 but it does not work either.

My code

new TapTargetSequence (this)
.targets (
TapTarget.forView (findViewById (, "That's okay"),

TapTarget.forView (findViewById (, "You", "Up")
.dimColor (android.R.color.darker_gray)
.outerCircleColor (R.color.colorAccent)
.targetCircleColor (R.color.color_subtetli)
.textColor (android.R.color.holo_blue_dark)
.listener (new TapTargetSequence.Listener () {
// This listener will tell us when interesting events (tm) occur with respect to
// to the sequence
public void onSequenceFinish () {
// Yes
(TextView) findViewById ( setText (" n" + "Congratulations, you're educated now!");

public void onSequenceStep (TapTarget lastTarget, boolean targetClicked) {


public void onSequenceStep (TapTarget lastTarget) {
// performance action for the current target

public void onSequenceCanceled (TapTarget lastTarget) {
// boo

Error message – Even if I delete the @Override still does not work.

The compilation failed. see the compiler error output for more details.

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