java – Arraylist overwrites the previous data with the last value

I want to add the object to an arraylist The film which contains: the name of the movie and the age, but each time I add a new object, the previously added objects are replaced by the last one. What am I doing wrong?

Exercicios package;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.Scanner;
public class Movie {
private static string name;
public static int room;
private classification of static chains;
static scanner keyboard = new scanner (;
public Movie (String name2, String cla) {
name = name2;
classification = cla;
room = 1;

public String getNome () {
return the name;

public static String setNome () {
name = ();
return the name;

public String getClassification () {
return the notation;

public static String setClassification () {
classification = ();
return the notation;

Static ArrayList endcount = new ArrayList();
public static void adcfilme () {
System.out.println ("type the name of the movie to add:");
name = Movie.setName ();
System.out.println ("enter the age classification of the movie to add:");
Classification = Film.setClassification ();
Movie f1 = new movie (name, rating);
endcountries.add (f1);