java – Continuous Integration of Dependent Development Artifacts

I've changed companies and so I, who have been programming in Python for the last 7 years, I am now working with a Java stack. I wanted to improve the configuration of the continuous integration of the project I joined.

Continuous Delivery Steps, taken from

So the general idea is whether your software project consists of several *.pot files (software artifacts), you create them at the validation stage and place them in an artifact store, then you can load them from an artifact store and integrate them. Continually This means that these integration / acceptance tests are triggered at each triggered artifact download, and that the download of artifacts is triggered at each push in the source code repositories of the software projects involved.

For me, it's hard to know how I can download artifacts to an artifact store, like an artificial artifact, at every push, because in maven files, the version is hard-coded into the pom.xml file .

In Python, I used a package management plug-in that would generate a unique version number for development versions using the latest git tag and an incremental number of commits, which means that during the test phase of acceptance, I could just extract the latest published artifacts from an artifact store.

In java / maven, I do not know how to do that and I have not found much until now.