java – How to build/design a risk scoring web application?

Property rental is a challenging business because of tenant behaviour. I’m a Java developer and trying to come up with a design to assess tenant risk similar to a process used by credit bureaus(TransUnion, Experian etc).

I want to calculate risk from lease infringements(late payments, noise complaints, damage to property, early lease cancellations etc.)

Rental agents and Landlords will be providing/Inputting data about Tenants.

I didn’t study Computer Science which I believe could help me write an algorithm to calculate this.

Are there existing algorithms, machine learning methods or other methods achieve the above?

I tried to look for credit scoring algorithms to maybe customize them but I can’t find them because I think they are proprietary and I’m sure they will be difficult to customize without CS background.

Looking to use, Spring Boot(REST), Postgresql and Keycloak, haven’t decided on the reporting framework/tool.

My Current Database Design