java – JUnit in Visual Studio Code

I have all kinds of difficulties running JUnit in Visual Studio Code. I've had two main problems that do not coexist in each of the projects I've created.
problem 1: After creating and running a Java project, if I try to add a JUnit test class, the program can not find the class / test. I should see an option to run or debug my test, but no options of this kind are available. Also, when I click the Test Explorer tab, the test class is not in the list, but it is in the project folder.
Problem 2: I had some success with the import of a project originally developed in Eclipse in VS code. It is not really ideal. When I do this, the problem I have is that the VS code has problems with JUnit imports. Sometimes it does not recognize the @Test annotation and will try to solve the import problems by placing me in the import program (Example: when I use the assertSame method, I have to write:
org.junit.Assert.assertEquals ("stringName", v1.getName); )
Has anyone ever encountered similar problems or does he have any idea of ​​how to run a Java project without Maven or another project manager? I'm sure there is a way to make this work, but I have the impression of missing out on the evidence.