java – LocalDate format and pass in parameter

I have a method:

handleIFMandate (String, private void) [] d) {

DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern ("dd / mm / yyyy");
LocalDate dt1 = LocalDate.parse (d[0].trim (), trainer);

System.out.println (dt1);
/ *
this.setInitialMandat (dt1);
* /


Who receives a date in the format "dd / mm / yyyy" and sends me: 1990-03-15

I need to pass the string to a LocalDate because I have a method together which will receive a LocalDate parameter and a get who will return a local date.

The solution I found was to get my method back DateTimeFormatter and give a return formatter.format (dt1); inside my get, however specific to be rendered Local date in the format yy / mm / yyyy

How can I return the date in dd / mm / yyyy format?