java – need help for a list of channels with an entry

im having and problem with my input and store it in and array how can i enter this entry and store it in and array and then see that same array?

import java.util. *;

Public class StudentMain

static string input, arrayInput[] = new channel[20];
static scanner reader = new scanner (;
Static Scanner s = new Scanner (;
Static ArrayList studentList = new ArrayList();
Static ArrayList studentList2 = new ArrayList();
public static void main (String[] args) {

studentList.add (new student ("john", 54, "man"));
studentList.add (new student ("bob", 33, "man"));
studentList.add (new Student ("devin", 25, "male"));
System.out.println (studentList);

Chain[] studentList2 = new String[20];

System.out.println ("Please enter a new student");

for (int i = 0; i <20; i ++)
studentList2[i] = s.nextLine ();
System.out.println (studentList2[i])
System.out.println (studentList2);