java – Reuse the same object with getters / setters

I have a bean Goal with some variables, constractors (with and without arguments) and getters / setters. And in another part of the project, I reuse the accessors and setters and I wonder if it's a good practice, because it does not look like that. I do not need to create a new object each time I have to change some fields of the object.

Here is how I reuse the object.

/ ** Physical functioning ** /
System.out.println ("---- PHYSICAL ----");
Score score = new Score (node, responses, node, mapper, "physical_f_rawscore", "physical_f_score", "physical operation", true);
addScores (score, null, 0);

/ ** Functioning role ** /
System.out.println ("---- ROLE ----");
score.setRawscoreName ("role_f_rawscore");
score.setScoreName ("role_f_score");
score.setTitle ("operation role");
score.setType (true);
addScores (score, null, 0);

Does not bother you addScores method, this is not important.

As you can see, the variable node, r├ęponsesNode and cartographer stay the same and I only need to change some of the variables of the class Goal.

I could create a method inside Goal class to implement these changes without having to call accessors and setters multiple times.