java – The keyboard is enough to move EditText when it appears

when developing my application, I encountered the problem that I would like that once the keyboard appeared, do not move any element, only the text EditText that invokes it to place it just above the keyboard (as it was normal).

The problem with which I find myself, is that if I use the tags:

android: windowSoftInputMode = "adjustPan"


android: windowSoftInputMode = "adjustResize"

The keyboard seems to move all the elements, only with the label:

android: windowSoftInputMode = "adjustNothing"

I managed to move nothing, but the EditText does not move to the top of the keyboard, so it's impossible to know what is written.

I contribute comparative images with WhatsApp, which is the result I want to get and my app with the adjusPan tag:

Result I want to get:
Result I want to get

My application before deploying the keyboard:
My app before deploying the keyboard

As a result, the ActionBar was loaded with the TextureView background and the keyboard is unstable:
Result I receive