java – Xlint: adviceDidNotMatch warnings due to aspectj-maven-plugin in pom.xml file

Here are the warnings I receive:

Description Resource Path Location Type
The tips defined in org.springframework.mock.staticmock.AbstractMethodMockingControl have not been applied. [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]

Type of place
The tips defined in org.springframework.mock.staticmock.AnnotationDrivenStaticEntityMockingControl have not been applied. [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]

Type of place
the boards defined in org.springframework.orm.jpa.aspectj.JpaExceptionTranslatorAspect have not been applied [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]

Type of place
the boards defined in org.springframework.scheduling.aspectj.AbstractAsyncExecutionAspect have not been applied [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]

I can not find a way to overcome these warnings. The pom file of my current project contains the version below:

JDK version = 1.7
roo version = 1.3.1.RELEASE
Spring version = 3.2.18.RELEASE
aspectj version = 1.8.1
aspectj-maven-plugin version = 1.4

Solution 1 Tried:
I tried to update the version of JDK = 1.8 and the version of roo = 2.0.0.RELEASE, but I still had the same warning.

Solution 2 Tried: I added adviceDidNotMatch = error, noGuardForLazyTjp = ignore label inside tag compared to aspectj-maven-plugin. It did not work either.

Any suggestions on other approaches to remove these warnings.