javascript – Add an element to an array from an HTMLCollection collection

I have a collection of HTML icons. I have the option to add a new text with a new icon, in case this htmlcollection item would be expanded.
I need to make a ForEach () to give "life" to this button, I want it to hide or show the text.
so I created Array.from (& # 39; taldohtmlcollection & # 39;).
The question is when I add new text with a new icon. This new icon is added to the HTMLC collection, but the table does not update, that is, it continues with the old elements and does not receive this new icon. I have to solve this problem so that it iterates between all array elements, and if I add a new HTMLCollection icon, it also passes the array.
I hope to have been clear.
I am a beginner is my first mini project with Javascript.