javascript – How to import a component outside root in react?

I am having two react applications,

Project A

Project B

Here Project A is nothing but a simple components application and it contains the only common components.

-> src
    -> components
       -> Button

This is a very simple button component I have in the Project A.

Now the requirement is that I am in the need to use this common button component inside any other react applications.

Here in this scenario, I need to use Button component from Project A inside Project B.

For which I tried some relative import (I understand it is completely wrong) inside src/App.js file of Project B like,

import {Button} from "../../../Project A/src/components

But it gives the error as expected,

Module not found: You attempted to import ../../../Project A/src/components which falls outside of the project src/ directory. Relative imports outside of src/ are not supported.

So could anyone help me how to include the button component from Project A inside Project B ?