javascript – How to record the actual URL in an AJAX API request

I have a project for my bootcamp and out of curiosity I wanted to know if there was a way to actually get the API call URL.

In the code snippet below, I know that I pull the results of the API via AJAX. I also know that I can get the results that way.

Is there any way to console.log () the AJAX call so that I can log the URL?

link to the entire project

// retrieve the data
getDataFromApi function (searchTerm, callback) {
parameters const = {
The data: {
part: 'snippet',
key: API_KEY,
q: `$ {searchTerm}`,
maxResults: "5",
type: & # 39; video & # 39;
dataType: & quot; json & # 39;
type: "GET",
success: reminder
$ .ajax (parameters);
//console.log($.ajax(settings)) <<<< ------ Do not get the URL :(