javascript – Moving part of a ASP.Net Webforms to some type of JS, maybe

got an interesting project ahead and would appreciate some tips.

I have an older ASP.Net web forms application that has been running for many years.
It’s divided into two sections, one is the admin section (where the user hardly ever spend any time) and one part is the “front”, where the user spends almost all his/her time.

I recently gave the admin section a facelift and improved the code, it works great and people are happy with it. It doesn’t matter that it’s a bit slow and there are tons of overhead since the user is hardly ever there.

Now for the fun project that lies ahead. I need to rewrite the “front”, and it cant be web forms, it needs to be some type of JS.

But, I only want to rewrite some pages with JS, not the entire front. For example, a login page, it doesn’t matter if that is written with web forms, you only use that once a day (max).

So, my question is, would it be a good approach to have a site with mainly ASP.Net webforms pages and some pages (that is used 99% of the time) in pure JS?

I do understand that it’s technically possible, I have done some tests myself and it looks like it can work, but is this a good approach?

Note, all data will be pulled from an API, so there will be no need for any backend code.