javascript – Retrieve two arrays from an array of objects

I have an array of objects:

const data set = [
  {name: 'Marie', year: 12, country: 'Canada'},
  {name: 'Jeff', year: 18, country: 'France'},
  {name: 'Joss', year: 10, country: 'Spain'},
  {name: 'Carrie', year: 45, country: 'Belgium'},
  {name: 'Linda', year: 32, country: 'France'},

I want two paintings: one with names and one with countries:

const names = ['Marie', 'Jeff', 'Joss', 'Carrie', 'Linda']
country const = ['Canada', 'France', 'Spain', 'Belgium', 'France']

So, I usually do:

const names = (e =>
const countries = (e =>

Is there a simpler way to use a single loop?