javascript – SEO to change content daily with infinite scrolling or load more strategy

I've set up a page containing lists with abbreviated content. It scrolls through an infinite number of pages to keep revealing more ads as you scroll through the files via Javascript. The result is something like Quora. By clicking on a list, a new page appears with a unique URL with full content. This is what needs to be indexed by the search engines, not the list page, as lists change constantly as users add new items.

I've read the Google recommendation of Mueller, Ohye, Kupke to make infinite scrolling compatible with SEO, but I do not think that applies to a page with ever-changing lists?

My questions / if you can confirm / comment:

  1. Because the content of my listing page is constantly changing, Mueller's
    This recommendation is not at all useful because it requires content
    constant for at least several weeks at a time?
  2. I've read indexers can not mimic user actions such as scrolling,
    therefore, the action of infinite scrolling by the user will not be selected
    up and only the first page is indexed. Then only the first game of
    The list of HREF links will be indexed?
  3. My infinite scrolling strategy basically uses a Load More button
    below the window, which triggers when you reach the bottom and
    possibly expose the button. Will the indexer not look for this
    button beyond the window and continue to 'click on it' And then continue
    to index new HREF individual links? Or is the loading button more
    completely ignored?
  4. So, how do you do something like this SEO friendly – if all you
    want indexed are the details when you click, not the list page?
  5. How does Quora and many other similar sites with content added by the user do so (without pagination)?

Thank you in advance.