Jobs – Download the application to get 800-1000 BMF coins + $ 5 tokens for limited members! | NewProxyLists

ok claim my place

already downloaded the application.Is it enough to browse the browser's daily minutes? .. is it mandatory to register the Brave publisher program? how will they pay?

what do you mean by "claim your place and start acting"? if that means claiming a spot here, then i have already downloaded it and i have saved the date.

Claim my place.

Can I also install it in a laptop?

I registered as your reference.

With that, you mean you will get $ 5 if someone download and install the browser?
if so send me a message

Guys ,
To obtain 1000 BMF.
Only you have to claim the spot here so that I know on which date you have been downloaded and after 30 days, I will pay you u bmf.
Condition; – only a few minutes use the browser daily.
If you have 2 or 3 devices at home, use my link to download in total and get several times more than 1000 BMF per download.

If you want to win $ 5 / referral ($ 5 in chips that they pay). then you must take permission and be registered in their publisher program. You will need a YouTube channel or a website to sign up for and get your referral link.
It will work on any Android / iOS / Mac / PC / Window device, etc.
You do not need to sign up for the publisher program to get paid in BMF .ok
Any question you can pm me.

It's a very big project and if you care about your privacy, it's better and save 50% of the data you waste on Ads pop-up, etc.
It's a future.
Thank you.