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Prior to August 2017, I read the news about blockchain technology and bitcoin cryptocurrency with huge interest. Having heard about the possibility of making transactions anonymously and without any third parties, I could not remain indifferent and so I engaged in this idea, like everyone else.

In August 2017, the Bitcoin rate increased significantly and it passed the $ 5,000 mark. It only meant one thing: a very large number of people, as interested in Bitcoin as I, believed in it and invested a lot in it. A wish to be part of this movement has taken me and pushed me to become a trader instead of a mere market observer.

In October 2017, I decided to start trading for the first time on the Cryptocurrency Exchange. The experience was both new and exciting for me. It's something that most people have heard, talked about and discussed, but very few people could ever fully explain how things work in this world. Not having the time to analyze the problem in depth and in-depth, I chose a simpler way, by reading the available information and watching YouTube videos, to be able to quickly analyze the commercial models of cryptocurrency.

Having decided to take my first step, I bought different pieces including: OmiseGO (OMG), Monero and Dash. My business has had varying success. The volume of my portfolio has increased in line with the growth in capitalization of the overall market. In one way or another, I managed to double my investment over the next few months. However, I wanted more and started digging deeper. Can you lose money in bitcoin? This question has me a lot worried.

One day, my colleague spoke about his experience in trading cryptographic signals in Telegram and how he had tripled his investments in one month. I started by googling the information I needed, and by searching for "Top Crypto Traders", I found an article on the website that explained the audit of performance of cryptographic signals from five Telegram channels. On top of that, I looked for more channels in Telegram's results, but the amount was huge and I stopped adding them and following them after checking out more than twenty.

Looking forward to receiving the excellent results promised in the audit of, I bought a subscription for the following channels: PALM BEACH VIP and Cryptoland Elite. Gradually spread the volume of my wallet between coins that paid signals recommended to buy me popped like popcorn while waiting for the results. PALM BEACH VIP gave five signals a day, mainly in the short and medium term. As it turned out later, among these pieces, there were ShitCoins and other counterfeits. Often, by the time the signals were input, the pieces had already reached the first or second target. Cryptoland Elite gave three to four signals in three days, and these were only halfway signals.

Shortly after, some pieces had reached the target, others had begun to calm down and still others had reached the target at the time of the signals. In mid-January, in parallel with the rapid decline in the market, all coins reached the stop-loss order. Nevertheless, signals continued to arrive despite an unstable and declining market. The lights came to me when I saw that all my purchases reached the stop-loss order two to three days after the signals. This was essential for me because I could not afford to lose money by exchanging bitcoins and crypto at that time.

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