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Hey guys,

Nice to see you all on this beautiful community!

I am Dan from Italy, i have 31 years old and i am a professional web designer and web developer.
I decided to start a thread with my journey on earning online money after i tested some methods found in this group but even some of my personal methods.

So, take a seat and read all of my updates, leave some rep if you will like what you are reading!

Day one:


1. PERSONAL BLOG: I created a blog (written in english) that i prepared for AdSense program, i managed to get a 97% of SEO on the blog and now i am getting aprox. 600 – 1500 organic search visits. The blog was made with WordPress using a Newspaper theme and in my articles i use as outbound links, my refferal links to different websites that bring me earnings.

– Today (until this moment), with my refferal earnings (today from 3 websites) i managed to earn:

#1 st website: 11$
#2 nd website: 14$
#3 rd website: 23$

2. CPA MONEY: I am using 2 methods of CPA, Adult dating with SOI/DOI based offers and Content locking CPA on two different networks. (IF you are interested in CPA, i can provide you my refferal links for fast and sicure approval – My 5% refferal commission will be paid by the 2 networks and not from your personal earnings – inbox me if interested).

– Adult Dating – SOI/DOI – I made NO INVESTMENTS as it’s simple as hell to get some free adult traffic, i am using chats, adult websites, adult forums etc., you invest just.. YOUR TIME, today i worked just 30 minutes and i managed to earn (today until this moment):

# ADULT CPA SOI/DOI on one network: 34$

– CONTENT LOCKING CPA – The only investment i made it was 25$ (Paid my membership for Google Pay Store Developing program – Yes, i created a web-view app that i published on google). Good, so, i use apps on Google Pay Store to get traffic to my CONTENT LOCKING page. You invest some initial time to create and publish the apps and after that, it’s all AUTOPILOT! My initial app was downloaded 2000+ times (it was published 3 days ago) and i managed to earn (today until now):

# CONTENT LOCKING with traffic from Google Application: 123$


1. Did you heard about GPT/PTC scripts? If you don’t, i will explain.. These scripts are self-hosted and they are just platforms where users can register and take actions (get paid to DO SOMETHING – watch ads, complete surveys, visit shortlinks etc) and they get paid for thei arcions. So, you buy a script, you install and configure it as it’s ready-made, promote it on money making based communities and they register and start earning. For example, one user registers and completes a survey that pays 2$, he will get 0.5$ and you will get 1.5$.
Now that you get what a GPT/PTC script means, i will explain what i did using steps:

STEP1: Found 10 scripts from the same author that are presenting interest on internet’s users
STEP2: Buy’d the scripts at the author’s prices (i spent like 1500$ for all 10 scripts – you get the source code with one license for each script, with the license you can use one script for one domain name)
STEP3: BLACKHAT SHIT – I NULLLED THE SCRIPTS! – Yes, i can install the scripts without license, on a unlimited number of domain names!
STEP4: Bought a domain similar to the one that the author uses for his script shop
STEP5: Installed e-commerce and i created my own shop
STEP6: Did better seo score that the author’s (SEO IT’S IMPORTANT)
STEP7: I published the scripts to my own shop at low prices
STEP8: I published my shop on some forums and started to get customers

# I got 43 customers that managed me to bring: 3650$, so, 3650$(earnings) – 1500$(investment) = 2150$(profit)

2. Installed one GPT/PTC script and published to niche forums and i got: “2,700 registered users which have earned $1,148.82!”, the GPT/PTC platform offers different types of membership.

# I got another 65$ from membership selling

TOTAL EARNINGS (until now): 2420$

PS: You won’t earn money standing and watching films and series on Netflix, you have to work, every day and you will achive your goal for sure!

Leave some REP if you like what i am doing and see you tomorow for the updates!

Best regards,