JOURNEY – My New Online Earning Adventure | NewProxyLists

Hello all.

I have been spending some time setting up an website where i will be posting payment proofs of sites i have been earning money and crypto from. I am currently earning around 20$ per week atm from all sites but it is slowly increasing every day. If you want you can follow my journey forward as I will be posting updates on my earnings in this thread and also on the website. (the link is at the end of this thread)

I have been active on as many different crypto faucet sites as possible doing as many shortlinks and watching PTS ads as i have time for. Im also doing HYIP where i have had good success with good earnings. Topping this with extra passive income like using search engines, listening to paid to listen radio and much more.

My earnings last week:
22.03.2020 – 29.03.2020

  1. 16803 satoshi (btc) – around 1,02$ (been low this week since i have been working on my website)
  2. 18,47 $ (HYIP sites)

Total: 19,49 (only counting from websites that has paid me to a wallet i have control over)

The payment proofs and which sites im currently using can be seen at my website at