json rpc – Stratum protocol – problem with the mining.submit method

the code has been written according to the documentation.

I have the following lines for the submit method

submit () {
//["["["["","","","",""]return this.call ('mining.submit', [this.worker.name, this.worker.jobId, this.worker.extranonce2, this.worker.ntime, this.worker.extranonce2])

According to the documentation "When a miner finds the job that meets the requested problem, he can submit a share to the server" and the result should be the following

{"error": null, "id": 4, "result": true}

But the test failed (result in the picture)

enter the description of the image here

QUESTION: Could someone clarify, what's wrong and how to solve the problem? What does "low difficulty" mean? Why did I receive this message?