Key concepts and tools for website development

Hi guys!

I know you really want good things that you can use in your daily work. I would like to share some of my own resources. You can add yours if you wish.


Aptana Studio – Aptana Studio 3.2.1 is our code base and our complete environment, which includes many features to create Ruby and Rails, PHP and Python applications, as well as complete HTML, CSS and JavaScript modifications.
Eclipse – Eclipse is probably better known as Java IDE, but it's more important: it's an IDE framework, a tool framework, an open source project, a community, an ecosystem and a foundation.
Zend Studio – Zend Studio is the only integrated development environment (IDE PHP) available for professional developers providing the functionality needed to develop business applications. Features such as refactoring, code generation, code help and semantic analysis combine to allow rapid application development both on the server side (in PHP) and on the browser side (on the other hand). JavaScript).

The JetBrains IDEs (RubyMine / PHPStorm / PyCharm, etc.) are all built on the same platform and feature EXCELLENT debugging tools and a very smart code.
Sublime Text – my favorite text editor nowadays. Very fast with a rich set of add-ons available. In addition, is fully cross-platform. (Thanks to dgeneschi)

Firefox Addons

Firebug – It's a very useful tool if you ask me. You can see the code of a website with this Firefox addon.
Web developer – again, it also uses the code of the website, but unlike Firebug, you can disable CSS style sheets.
ColorZilla – you can actually know what color you want using this tool.
Using CSS – view the CSS rules actually used.
Dust-Me – Dust-Me Selectors is a development tool that scans HTML pages to look for unused CSS selector.
NoScript – Allow active content to run only from trusted sites and protect against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.
Pixl Grabber
Colored pipette

Online tools

Pingdom Full Page Test – Testing the Load Time of a Web Page
Pingdom DNS Check – Test DNS Servers and Domain Name Settings
Pingdom Ping and Traceroute – Test network connectivity to a server
W3C Tagging Validation Service
net2ftp – Web-based FTP client

Web design and development tools and software:

Dreamweaver – great for coding, editing and designing a web page. It can also be integrated with Photoshop.
Web Studio 5.0
Notepad – It's FREE because you can find it on your desk.
Microsoft Expression Web

Cart Scripts
* Thanks to Sahil for this one *

Free scripts – It's free and very good but it will not have the features like this site. – It is also open source and is created by the creators of oSCommerce but it has more features than that. – It is also good and easily customizable.

Paid scripts – He paid and free both, but I think you should check Paid, they would have some of the features. – I used it but I left it because there is no payment gateways for our country but this script is extremely good. – It has very good designs and is easily customizable from the admin panel. – Function of creation of several stores (a shopping center).