Keyboard Shortcut for exposing current Spotify track?

I’ve been using a keyboard shortcut for 15 years to know what was the current track playing, preferably by also displaying the album’s photo.
What was easy when only iTunes existed, has become complicated with me also using Spotify
I’ve been hunting for and using different plugins, sizzle, bowtie, growl, spark, lastfm, AppleScript customs script, or more recently Neptunes, with different successes, changing with each new incompatibility brought by new OS X versions.

Now that I am on Big Sur, there is a possible shortcut to bring the control center where an Itunes track playing is present (but not Spotify), there is also a menu item that can be accessed by the mouse, showing the current media stream (including Spotify) but as far as I know, there is no keyboard shortcut for it.

So what would you do, preferably using Apple OS native features, to get it done ?
(a Keyboard Shortcut for exposing current Spotify track playing, preferably with the album image)