keyboard shortcuts – Can Spotify information (song information – ‘liked’ or not) be escaped by the console logs rather than going through their web API?

I use a macOS program called AnyBar that displays different colored indicator dots based on what criteria you give it and I need to configure it.

I currently use it to notify me a trackpad gesture shortcut from a mac program called bettertouchtool (BTT) has went through (because it doesn’t always go through and I don’t want to go and check if it did).

I use AnyBar for finetuning Spotify playlists in the background (liking, deleting, moving to playlists, whatever) when watching something (because it gets really old looking at spotify gui.

This is how it looks when a gesture goes through, enough to notify me, but not distract from what I’m watching.

enter image description here

I’d like to do something more advanced and have it automatically change color lights depending on if the currently spotify song is ‘liked’ already or not (my system for recognizing songs I’ve played before).

I’m going to pay for help on freelancer or fiverr most likely because I don’t know coding but want to know what I’m pitching to them, will the info ‘liked’ state have to come from the web api and then work with a script, (I’ve used python3 scripts well in the past) or can I get it from console logs (which would make other applications easier too).