Killing an ongoing process in a fixed menu

I ran a find order on a very large file inside my fixed menu, and now it is stuck for more than an hour.

I've tried to kill -9 the process, kill the container docker, but nothing helps him move. I can no longer execute commands inside the fixed menu. The host is very responsive.

The status of the process is R (operation). I can not strace he (stace stucks), and kill -9 do not have any effect on it.

I tried to watch the / proc / PID / status file, it shows:

State: R (in progress) 
volunteer_ctxt_switches: 2387
nonvoluntary_ctxt_switches: 29121

The last two digits are growing fast enough.

I do not care about this docker container or the result of the find command, but I care about other containers on the same host.

Is there a way to break down the process or container without restarting the host?