KnownHost – Offers support 24/7, but not really? Please help me understand.

I have been a KnownHost customer for 6 years and everything has been great until last night ..

Last night, I noticed incredibly slow loading times for my website, which is hosted on a fully managed dedicated server. (Dedicated server fully managed (cost of 4,000 USD / year)). Apparently, there was a hardware problem with my dedicated server that had to be resolved by their main administrators.

When asked when this would be resolved, the shift supervisor replied that I had to wait for their senior administrators to show up. as they only work during the day.

Depending on their website and knowledge base, they offer 24/7/365 support. However, depending on their response, this does not seem very accurate?

Is it normal for hosting companies to advertise their services without offering the promised support?

My website has been offline for more than 12 hours and I will probably not see a solution until about 8:00 am until their administrators wake up.

Here are the links to which they announce their 24/7/365 technical support: