kubernetes – Helm thinks my repository is a file … that does not exist

I'm trying to update a package in my cluster.

$ helm-2.7.2 --kube-context ml-dev list repo
stable https://kubernetes-charts.storage.googleapis.com
erst https://helm.erst.dk

The repo should be in place.

$ helm-2.7.2 - kube-context ml-dev repository update
Hold on as we take the latest news from your graphical repositories ...
... skip the local map repository
... successfully updated the "erst" repository
... successfully updated the "stable" card repository
Update completed. ⎈ Happy Helming! ⎈ 

The repo should be up to date.

$ helm-2.7.2 –kube-context ml-dev search in hellig
erst / helligdagsaabent 1.7.1 Helligdagsaabent
erst / helligdagsaabent-app 1.29.0 Helligdagsaabent
local / helligdagsaabent 1.7.1 Helligdagsaabent

I can search my package.

$ helm-2.7.2 --kube-context upgrade ml-dev hellidagsaabent-app erst / hellidagsaabent-app --values ​​helligdagsaabent-values ​​/ dev / app-values.yaml --force --recreate- pods
Error: "erst / hellidagsaabent-app" file not found

But as stated above, I get an error while attempting to upgrade. Any clues about what I'm doing wrong?