kvm virtualization – How to expose raw SATA disks in a KVM guest

I have a 64-bit CentOS 7.3 host operating system and a KVM version (1.xxx) and I have to run Fedora Core 13 (32-bit) as a guest OS. I have recent hardware to which are connected SATA and IDE disks.

I configured it to expose the raw SATA disks (the configuration is as follows), but the guest operating system lists them as SCSI, whereas I would expect that it is displayed as SATA.

Just to check if it's a problem with KVM, I installed CentOS 7.3 as a guest OS (it's the same host and the same guest OS), and the SATA drive is listed as ATA (Is this your expected and correct behavior?) You must confirm this.

Just to see if something changes if I upgrade KVM, on another machine (where I do not have a SATA drive), I upgraded KVM to Centos-release-qemu-evm KVM 2.x (with CentOS 7.6) and created a file-based SATA file. disk – this is also displayed as SCSI in the Fedora 13 guest OS.

How can we expose a SATA drive as SATA in the Fedora 13 (32-bit) guest OS? We also have IDE disks and would like to expose them as an IDE in the Fedora 13 guest, how can we do it?

Enjoy all the help.