labels – Mark Link blocks access from the EU due to GDPR

I manage a site for German visitors who wish to visit the United States.
Due to the PGRP, more and more websites in the United States are blocking EU access such as the LA Times, IHOP or Carrabbas. Access to the United States, so if visitors are on the site is of course possible, the link should remain.
Blocked pages do not always clearly indicate why access is blocked, for example. only a 403 or 451 error page without any information why.
How can I better mark such a link?

On the desktop version, I mark the link in blue and use the title attribute so that the mouse on an informational text is displayed. (I know that the title attribute should be used differently, it will soon be replaced by CSS Over). However, this is not possible on a mobile phone.

Since many pages are static, I do not want a solution based on the IP work of visitors.
In addition, it makes no sense to work with a symbol and a symbol explanation in the footer, because on a mobile device, no one scrolls through the list to read the explanations.

Do you have any idea how to label a link that says, "Hey, I'm locked in the EU and I can only access it in the US?" on a mobile device.