laptop – Is my CPU fan defective?

I bought a lafite iii laptop at PCSpecialist (the lafite iii is actually a Clovo N131BU style note) about a year ago, and my processor fan, which was still making a normal fan noise as soon as I began to perform demanding tasks, started to buzz sound, as if the fan blades were in contact with something, or a screw was not tight enough.

I opened my case and there was not a lot of dust in the fan, nor anything visible that could explain this noise. I still cleaned it with compressed air, but the sound did not go away.

My diagnosis would be that the fan is defective and I should replace it, however, my question is:

What are the steps and solutions that I could try to make sure the fan is defective and I need to replace it?

That would include, in my opinion, making sure that the screws are tight, blowing compressed air into the fan, checking closely if there is not some stuck in the fan that could make that noise.

I posted this question on the hardware earlier, and it was said that it was more of a superuser issue. In the meantime, the fan started to do worse. Whenever I moved my laptop a bit, I heard a much louder friction, the fan stopped, then started again. I decided to open the laptop again and this time I disassembled and thoroughly cleaned the radiator and the fan. The fan seemed a little wobbly when I tried it, as he could easily rub against his case when it was on. However, there was not really a lot of dust.

What can I try before I start looking for a replacement fan?