laravel – Active site on user ID and bad group ID

My problem is this one and extremely annoying.

I've recently changed the apache2 user ID to better organize my sites without having to use root and www-data.

Until then everything is fine, I did everything right, the first site worked and everything went well.

Now the second site, he still uses the www-date to work, and this has become a nightmare for me. I tried to look for how to solve the problem, but even that, I was not mistaken because I did not know the right way to look.

Because when I search, I always get the results of the method that I used sudo gedit / etc / apache2 / envvars.

I've already tried libapache2-mpm-itk, it did not work at all, after which I did not know what to do and decided to ask for help here.

If you want to know if this site has anything special, its only particularity is that it uses Laravel 5 and that it was installed recently. It does not have any plug-ins other than the official Passport for Logins form system.