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I am neither owner nor representative of the program. WARNING: HYIP and other online investment programs are subject to risks and scams. Never invest an amount that you can not afford to lose. Invest responsibly
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Hi guys,

Earn 12% return on investment on your investment for 12 business days with the brand new Laser Online Investment platform.

Laser Online is an innovative and convenient investment platform "digital backgrounds", which welcomes all users around the world. We only act as a third party between you (platform users) and the company (our investment). This lucrative opportunity to make money online was born in response to the growing global demand for laser based products. Our key objective is to constantly increase the mutual return on investment via the Laser Online platform. To achieve this goal, we are ready to provide you with remarkably high returns of 12% per day within 12 business days for the acquisition of digital funds on our platform via accepted electronic wallets and in accordance with the conditions presented in our investment plan 12/12.

The company aimed primarily at the resale and logistics of laser-based products, such as the resale of laser-based diodes and laser-based electronic components in areas of high demand that are lacking, with more than a million d & rsquo; Units per month (and increasing), which constitutes a slow but solid solution. profits for our "short term" needs. In the medium term, the focus is on the mediation of laser diodes between strategic locations (mainly China and Russia). In the long-term business plan, our investment team is continuously researching new opportunities for IPOs and IT startups based on defense applications, medicine, electronics assembly and other future industry needs. , offering a potential for impressive returns.

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12% per day for 12 working days
Total monthly profits: ~ 144% gross yield
Min – Max per withdrawal: $ 2.5 – unlimited
Min. – max. Per slot: $ 5 – $ 10,000
Principle of expiry: included in profits (not returned)

This plan has been executed to return a constant daily interest that will be automatically credited to your account balance every business day (Monday through Friday) until the expiry of the principle of your deposit after 12 business days. At maturity, the amount invested is absorbed and you will not make any more profits if you do not invest more new funds.

If you start with a $ 10,000 deposit, interest of $ 1,200 will be credited every 24 hours (business days) for the next 12 business days. After 9 business days, you will break even with a rate of return greater than 108% (including principle) and you will earn a total of 144%, or about $ 14,400 in total, or a net profit of 4,400 to 44%. % by term. You can withdraw or reinvest (compound) at any time to increase your average monthly earnings.

Min: $ 5 Max: $ 250,000


(As of Sept. 27, 2017)
Days in line: 89
Registered Accounts: 23152
Funds deposited: $ 9,117,812.41
Paid earnings: $ 2,163,334.58

Company Information
801 N King St, Wilmington, Delaware 19801

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