Last Day Sale Cyber ​​Monday + Quotations Automation for WHMCS 2.0 | NewProxyLists

1. Promotion Cyber ​​Monday – Last call!

Tonight marks the end of our four-day shopping spree at Cyber ​​Monday, which means our special offer is always at your fingertips, if you wish!

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2 the Automation Quotes for WHMCS 2.0 The module has been significantly modernized to facilitate your ordering process.

For example, you will no longer have to leave the add-in area when you want to create or modify a template, adjust template items, or apply the desired template to a new quote. In addition, just as conveniently, you can also connect any quote item to a selected product, addon or WHMCS domain on a quote page directly. In addition to greater functionality, the product boasts of a refurbished interface and a new code. Be sure to check the changelog for further improvements.

Learn about Quotes Automation For WHMCS 2.0!

3 EasyDCIM & MetricsCube for -25% less!

The clock ticks, counting down the time remaining to acquire one of these great tools to 25% off! To take advantage of this opportunity, choose the EasyDCIM or MetricsCube pricing plan you want to go to, then enter the "BLACKWEEK" promotional code at checkout.

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