launchd – How to kill the routed service (temporarily or permanently)?

According to this question, routined is an Apple demon that introduces some problems from High Sierra: routined wants to use the keychain alert "Local Items".

Experiences with killall over the months show that this service is needed for … nothing that we actually exploit. The only website on usafge suggests that this is necessary for Apple who tracks background on the location of your laptop, which is not appealing 🙂 I am very happy to m & # 39; get rid of it once and for all. If only I could get launchctl to do its job …

Apple does not allow "Cancel this and ALL attempts of this service". Apple engineers coded the service to spam the user several times per second with a modal dialog action (ouah).

Unfortunately, the standard approach to stop this dishonest process does not work. As described here (how to prevent a process from restarting automatically? (Specifically, sophos antivirus)), launchctl should be able to handle it, but it can not: it claims that the service does not exist (although the plist file is find there / System / Library / LaunchAgents /).