Layout – Should check box labels be left or right?

To choose one or more choices, indicate the label on the right. This allows easy visual analysis and allows the mouse / user to scroll the mouse in a straight line:

[ ]    Option 1

[ ] it's option 2

[ ] # 3

If the label was left, it would be a bit of a mess:

Option 1 [ ] 

it's option 2 [ ] 

# 3 [ ] 

In addition, you will often have a "group" label. and although this can certainly be placed at the top, it is often left:

Choose one or more options:   [ ] Option 1

                            [ ] it's option 2

                            [ ] # 3

Note that regardless of the position, the labels must also be clickable (use the appropriate FOR attributes). The problem is that everyone does not know it and is aiming at the check box itself, so it is useful to align them.

However, when there is ONLY ONE check box – usually used for explicit processes of membership or rejection, I think it's okay to ask it later to make it a difficult task to read. 39; tag):

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