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  1. Some of us who have been attending the forums for a while may not realize that they are not always intuitive and easy to understand for people who did not use them before. That happened when my fiancé connected my forum to his younger sister who has not been using the Internet for as long as we have. As such, my fiance suggested I create a tutorial on the use of forums. If any of you would like to associate this topic with someone who has trouble learning how to use the forums or use it as a custom tutorial idea for your forum, I'd be happy to share it with you. # 39; get. :)

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  • That's probably one of the reasons I constantly consult articles on the user experience and hope to get a little something. The more people who can use a site, the better.

    Currently building the very fast and advanced Gosora Forum Software. Looking for comments.

  • It's a very good idea. At the time, I was trying to promote my forums to people of my choice, with whom I was friends, at college and high school. It was a fair trial to explain his purpose.