LEGIT – Cash Math Examination: Scam or Legitimacy | NewProxyLists

So, hello guys! I came across this app called Math Cash on Playstore. I do not know if it is available worldwide, but you can search for it.

What is it?
It is an application in which you can earn points by playing simple mathematical equations (not including algebra or advanced mathematics) and can be converted into money.

How to win?
There are many different platforms where you can win. There are daily challenges: addition, subtraction, combination, division and multiplication where you have to answer a simple mathematical question for 10 seconds and the prize money is equal to twice the total number of players in each match. For example, there are 7 people who have joined the Addition challenge, the winner will get 14 points. You must enter the games using "regular tickets" that you can easily acquire on the application. It also has the Duel Match platform where you can face someone for 4 points. It also has an interesting "guess and win" in which you will guess a number between 0 and 999999 and you can earn 5000 points instantly. You have 10 trials each session.

Another way to win is the supply walls. He has adscend media, kiwi wall, wannads, etc.

Rewards / payments?
They only have Paypal to redeem the rewards. You must accumulate 5000 points for $ 5. 10000 points for $ 10 and so on.

You can accumulate 10 tickets without direct reference. You can also get a 10% commission for every 50 points accumulated by your first level referral and 5% from the second level. You can use my referral code if you want M8HJF3.

I have not yet received any payment from them, I am still trying it. If any of you have ever tried this app and have already paid, you can answer below.