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Global test market is one of the highest paying survey sites.

The description:
1 – Like most other survey sites, you can earn money by answering polls
2 – This is not worldwide only works in some countries like the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Germany (CHECK AVAILABLE COUNTRIES ON PAGE D & # 39; REGISTER)
3 – Earn points that you can then redeem for real money
4 – The most common surveys you will find (movies, restaurants, technology, consumer products, news and other industries)
5 – They tell you how long the survey will take on average at home
6 – They send you an e-mail when a survey is available so that you do not have to wait or consult the site

How to get started?
1 – Register and fill in information such as country, address, status, date of birth, gender and zip code, then check your email address.
2 – They give you the opportunity to start an investigation to find out more about you and send you an inquiry that suits you (Make sure you give the right information to increase your upcoming survey)

How many inquiries can I get?
there is no specific number depending on the country of origin and the information you give them

How much can I earn?
Most surveys give 5-100 points each
23 points = $ 1

It depends on the country of origin but the most popular card is the gift card (PAYPAL & AMAZON)
there are also charitable donations from Macy, Kohl and UNICEF
The minimum points to obtain is 1100 points or $ 50

Payment takes between 5 and 10 business days (do not worry, they are legitimate and really pay)

Reference program
You can also earn points for referring friends and family. But you can only earn points when the referee takes at least two surveys.

What's wrong?
1 – You have to wait until you get 1200 points
2 – it takes about 15 minutes to tell you that the initial investigation in Finland was done and that they can tell you after you are not qualified (BUT IT WILL WAIT)
3 – Payment takes a lot of time