lens – Modifying a film camera to display images

My dad passed recently and I would like a way to memorialise him and his photos.

He was an avid photographer and never left home without his camera. The one I remember from growing up was an Asahi Pentax SP1000

My idea is to have some of his iconic and favourite photos loaded onto an SD card and to be able to look through them much like an old viewmaster toy except digital.

My thoughts are that I could put a display at the front or back of an empty or fake lense housing. e.g.
enter image description here

Either point A or point B

I could hide the arduino, and battery either in the lense or camera body and run wires to the lense

The issue I am having is focusing, with the lense removed all I can see through the view finder is a blur of colour. So I am wondering the best way to solve this? Would a pinhole lense at point A work to view a screen at B? Or is there something within the housing which is introducing the blur that I could remove?

I’m not worried about stopping the camera from taking photos but I’d like to keep it as intact as possible.