libgdx – Managing different aspect ratios in a 2D dodge game

I have created a game where the player is on the ground and must avoid objects falling to the ground. Since I'm using libGDX (but the question still applies to any other language / framework), the game will have to handle both desktop applications and mobile apps.

I'm trying to place the game vertically in any aspect ratio while making it right, but that's the first time I'm trying to handle that, and I'm looking for a good way to do it. My game has 3 main areas: the game, the data (health / parts) and the graphical interface (pause button). Here are my ideas up to now:

Horizontal: Game in the center with everything else on the sides


Vertical: Bottom game with data at the top


Everything else: no room for the GUI on the sides / bottom, the GUI at the top of the game


I have seen other issues similar to this one, but none of them covers a game similar to this one.