License – Is there anything missing from the Wolfram development platform?

I wanted a license for Mathematica that allows commercial use (as a single user). After reading a lot of readings on the Wolfram website, I decided to buy the developer license for Wolfram Development Platform because the price of the comparable version of Mathematica is about 1/10.

As far as I know, Wolfram Desktop, which is included in the Wolfram Development Platform Developer (and higher) licenses, is essentially the same Mathematica that I have been using for 20 years.

I am interested to know what are the differences of capacity (if any). In particular, does Standard Edition Mathematica have missing features in Wolfram Desktop provided with Wolfram Development Platform?

By getting a free trial of Mathematica 12.0 and subscribing to a month-long developer-level subscription to the Wolfram Development Platform, I can
report the following differences (which do not affect the usability):

  • $ UserBaseDirectory goes to .WolframDesktop rather than .Mathematica.
    The directory structures appear to be otherwise the same.

  • This Wolfram Desktop will not use a license file (unlike Mathematica and the desktop provided with Wolfram | One). Instead, he uses the Web and your Wolfram ID. For me it takes about 5 seconds to check. Potentially, this delay could be a problem for scripts (I have not tried).

  • $ MaxLicenseSubpresses = 4 for this Wolfram office. I think it should normally be 8 for Mathematica (for the trial license it is set at 4). Since I have a quad core i7, it probably does not make any difference to me.

  • The big difference: the price. Prices shown here are in US dollars, but purchased in Australia. The comparable product of Mathematica appears to be Mathematica StandardDesktop / Cloud for industrial / personal use. This is $ 3060 for the first year, plus $ 835 per year thereafter, to allow Premier Service Plus to retain the cloud and receive updates (or $ 2,780 + $ 560 annually). Cloud). On the other hand, a developer level license for Wolfram Development Platform is priced at $ 310 / year (and presumably includes all updates because no separate service plan is mentioned). If your use in cloud is minimal (or zero), there is nothing else to pay.

By the way, my initial one month subscription (for $ 31) was refunded when I upgraded the next day to a subscription of $ 310 / year.