License problem

Hi Sven,

I've tried sending emails about it, but your answers are horrible and simply accusing.

But as you must know, I bought more than 40 copies of SER. I also have over 40 copies of Captcha Breaker that I have purchased. Now, when I changed the hosting provider and you closed my license because of multiple IP addresses, there would of course be some. IF there are problems with my supplier of course I will change.

When I tell you that I change provider, it's the email I receive in response.

"Well, it's a constant licensing problem you have, it's always the same thing, you keep abusing it all the time, and I can not believe it's stolen, cracked, or whatever it would be.

Best regards

Sven Bansemer "

Note that this is only the third time I have changed hosting provider since the release of SER. The last time I changed hosting provider, you gave me the same answer. Now you force me to buy 2 more licenses because you have disabled others. I've always been a big supporter of SER and active in the community, as well as buying more licenses than needed, mainly because I do not have the impression that you're receiving the money you should receive from SER. But to charge me with stealing or using pirated software. Well, I'm a little offended by that.