Lighting – Global Real Time Illumination Precomputed in the Unit

I'm trying to learn and understand how to use this option in the unit and I'm inspired by the example given in this tutorial: / tutorials / topics / graphics / introduction-precomputed-realtime-gi? playlist = 17102

While the tutorial works (the precalculation is indeed a little faster after changing some parameters), it seems that even minor changes to an object start the whole process of precalculation – again, if I take a single object and change , say the "maximum distance" By setting the real-time UV of the mesh rendering component by any amount, all the pre-calculation starts again, and lasts as long as the first initial pre-calculation.

why is this the case? Maybe it's because if I change something about an object, every other object in the scene must see if now the light of that modified object bounces differently? Or am I doing something wrong?

Assuming that this is how GI pre-calculation should be, what is the right time to play with this option? Playing with a precalculated IG seems unreasonable when editing a level (unless I change anything to static objects), so I guess that's something that should be primarily used at last stages of game development?

By cons, I have read something about the fact that the precalculated IG is useful for editing / design even if you want to use only the IG cooked, because the l & # 39; Precalculated real-time IG can be used during design – but as I mentioned, this seems impossible because any minor changes to a static object start the pre-calculation process from the beginning.