lighting – How to research licker free controllable continuous RGB light sources?

I’m currently looking for controllable, continuous RGB light sources which can be used for fotography in terms being free from any PWM artifacts or flicker.

I’m not asking for actual products (though I’d be glad to have some examples) but for the terms I have to search for since my research didn’t come up with much useful results.

Are there dimmable/controllable RGB LED based lights which are free from flicker? Or do I have to be satisfied with just very high PWM frequencies?

Are there terms for every-day indoor light sources which meet “photography requirements”? I.e. what do I have to look for if I want to know if a given Non-Photography-Light (e.g. Philips Hue) is flicker free and suitable for photography in general?

I’m asking because I want to use light sources I’m surrounded with for photography and because I’m very sensitive to flickering lights in general.