lighting – Luminaire for fluorescent tube T8 36W 1200mm

I need a mood lighting for my development environment. I consider a fluorescent tube T5 5000K 36W 1200mm.

I would like to install the 1200mm T8 tube in a luminaire with a built-in ballast on which I can simply m press (up) up on a shelf, not permanently attached, and plugged into a socket wall. Preferably, I would like the fixture to be adjustable and that a switch or dimmer is located near the wall outlet.

Where can I find something like this? What is the name of the lamp / fixture / fixture in which a fluorescent tube is installed? Are there table lamps 36W T8 36W on the market? Or do I have to buy components and assemble them to make a configuration myself?

I am interested to know where these things could be found in general and also more specifically in Europe since I am based in Berlin.