Limit on Azure IOT Hub file downloads

We have 6000 devices and these devices must download the file at 12:10 CST every day.
All devices are located in CST.
We get an exception

"Can not download file {" Message ":" { "errorCode ": 429003,  "trackingId ":  "fdc25df8367f40ed8fdb305f40b7412e-G: 7-TimeStamp: 04/14/2019 13: 19: 17",  "message ":  "The request has been limited Wait 10 seconds and try again Type of operation: FileUploadRequest ",  "timestampUtc ":  "2019-04-14T13: 19: 17.9684843Z " } "," ExceptionMessage ":" "}"

Since we have checked the limitation limit for downloading files, no such limit has been mentioned. However, they mentioned limitation limits only on notification messages.

We have already disabled file download notification messages, but we still get a higher exception. Can you recommend how to proceed with this scenario?

We use standard level (S2) and 3 units. We have not planned to move to S3 level yet.