Limited Liability Company | Hosting VPS in Data Centers Outside Your State LLC

The subject says all this most of the time. I am an active military man who is retiring in the next two years and I am looking to get in (I am already well enough prepared for all this, I just want to have some last few ducks in a row before pulling the trigger) my passion for servers and virtualized hosting. I already know that the market is saturated, but honestly, I'm not trying to make it a main source of income. I am not a businessman, but I have a lot of googles. I already know that I will register my company as an LLC. I always decide the state with my military status. The protection of privacy is a major concern for me. I do not want my name to be posted on the Internet, but I do not want to be suspicious as if I were hiding something other than my name and home address. I've already looked at virtual mailboxes, virtual desktops, etc. because having a physical location where I will sit down and take phone calls to have a professional address It's not a lot of financial sense.

It's a bit of a background. Suppose I'm going to start with my (my) first server (s) in Georgia and expect to be LLC there. Then, in a few months, I want to start selling VPS in a data center in New York. Should I then register as a foreign LLC in New York, in addition to Georgia, simply because the server is located in New York and serves from New York? Any other tips or hints would be appreciated by anyone who would have to consider everything that was going on to do something like this alone. I do not have a lawyer or accountant at my disposal and I never really intend to do it. I just want to have a few boxes that I sell to space for people looking for dedicated cores in a low density server case of customers. Thank you in advance for any advice.